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ShastraOS Preview Testing Guide

Very first version of ShastraOS for testing and prototyping
ShastraOS Preview is non-installer Release, means you will not able to install the image file into your system. This is built for general testing and bug fixing.

You can download ShastraOS from IPFS mirrors (recommended) or Sourceforge mirrors.

While you can just download a ShastraOS ISO image, can you be really sure that it's the right file? With a few simple steps, you can verify the integrity of any ShastraOS ISO. Here's how to do it.

To calculate an SHA256 checksum on a downloaded ISO file, use this SHA265 command.

md5sum -b 'filename'

For a MD5 checksum, use MD5 instead with the same -b option

File Size 2,433,183,744 bytes
MD5 52b0380ca77487fdc88c2b78617e59a9
SHA1 d901e6957c0c44723a642edec6dff47461d3cfb9
SHA256 9ed21a7ad2d905199e4027b087c113985e8fae937e8ef8fe9e19c3b89bb13306

Insert USB drive into your PC.
Use Software Balena Etcher (For Linux Users) and Rufus (For Windows Users).
You can also use Ventoy (On other device)
After Booting ISO file, your system will be loaded.

Now you are ready to find bugs and errors!

Root Password - live