Your Decentralized OS

ShastraOS- Dignity

  • Currently under developemnt
  • Easy to install applications
  • Seamless experience with Gnome 42
  • We care your privacy and protection
  • Privacy Redefined- Comes with Brave Default Browser

Shastra Dignity Beta

Beta version of Shastra Dignity is out there! This is for development and testing, first version coming soon.

Anyone can help us by contributing to the Shastra Project. The Beta version is released to get you the essence of upcoming ShastraOS versions. You can run it on your PC and test it out. If you are facing some issues regarding installation or post installation, hold on till the official first release of Shastra OS. Shastra Dignity is the rolling version of ShastraOS, which means as soon as we have, we will push the update.

Upcoming tastes of your Shastra

Gnome →

Gnome Lite →

Cutefish (Not Developed) →